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In Taipei, research the renovated Japanese houses

Our study group of Japanese houses in East Asia had occurred to survey In Taipei city. The second time is in this time, since Sep 2011. A lot of new attempted of renovated houses located in quiet housing area was recognized in last time survey. There were most of Japanese houses had built in colonial age for the professors and the officers who worked at the national university. What Japanese houses still have been remaining, even in the down town is quite important for us, and is felt policy of Taipei government.

This time was mainly to interview with people who have been utilizing Japanese houses after transferred another way of Japanese houses, which is like café or restaurant, and designed them.  Some kind of case, renovated houses which transferred restaurant is not agreed by neighborhood. Because There is issue of the restaurant, makes noise from drank people or the smelling exhaust, they said.

We have figured out what there are huge green tree located in Japanese houses area. It is care about the green, not cut down and has been growing up to huge a like this, what most of Japanese houses are protected and cared by Taiwanese is found out. 

 In this time visiting, we got an opportunity to meet a director of culture department in the city hall. He mentioned that old Japanese houses in Taipei-city, is going to be remained and utilized them as one of culture resources. Japanese, we would be pleased what this thing is.In the property as private, it can be transferred the relation with the restaurant. I think it could be increased such case.

 It seems Chinese money will have invested. One gallery owner who we interviewed with said “I have been concerning it won’t be good with the town will have changed as personal investment the restaurant from Japanese houses.”

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